Sophie Beate Huitfeldt

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Sophie Beate Huitfeldt
10 Jan 1724  – 14 Jun 1785

Daughter of  Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt and Birgitte Christine Kaas

Wife of Hans de Tonsberg

Mother of  Helene Christine Elizabeth de Tonsberg

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Portrait's of Sophie's parents at Elingaard

Portrait’s of Sophie’s parents at Elingaard

Sophie Beate Huitfeldt was born in 1724 at Ellinggård inFredrikstad, Østfold, Norway. She was one of the last generations to call Ellinggård her  home. Her brother Valentin lost the estate and it was sold at auction in 1778. The manor had been in the family since the early 1400s. Today it is a museum and still holds the portraits of Sophie’s ancestors.

Sophie was the wife of Hans de Tonsberg. They had one child, a daughter, Helene Christine Elisabeth de Tonsberg.

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1. Helene Christine Elisabeth DE TONSBERG,   b. 10 Aug 1754, Christiania, Oslo, Oslo, Norway


Story from the book by HJ Huitfeldt-Kaas (1834-1905):
About family Brochmann in Norway (translated from Norwegian):

I have already mentioned in passing one another object from Kirkerud and Abildsø that my mother passed to our family. Strangest among these  is probably an old dew [ ?], which I will mention a little closer, and which – in it’s time had come from my ancestor, General Huitfeldts house and had belonged to his great-grandparents Medste / orældre and now my mother again brought back in the Huitfeldt Family. The canvas is an old Dutch toil (Damask), 6 cubits long and 3  cubits wide, with pictures from Samson’s history, interwoven so that they gjentages 12 Times in width but vexle for length, some of them have one, also interwoven, short Signature of Dutch or Reference to Judges and imagine the following Scenes: 1 Samson tearing the lion, 2 overthrow house, 3 rests in Delilah lap, 4 going home, 5 carries Gaza’s gates, 6 crave and sheep Water of Kjævebenet, 7 strikes Philistrene with this, 8 let them go, so from below upwards, which follows a repetition of images to and including No. 4 In tablecloth Center flndes two coats of arms (Thott and Basse) with letters KT and AB, which denote Korfltz Thott to Sandrup (now Sannarp) Halland (f 1611) and Mrs. Anne Basse of Soerup who died in 1649 as the last of his people and left a still preserved Kjæmpevise-handwriting. The fabric writes itself probably as soon as the couple’s Giftermaalsaar 1580, and is from the first possessors was inherited by the following Pedigree until Etatsraadinde Pavel’s mother, Oberstinde Sophie Beate de Tonsberg, born Huitfeldt, The initials SBT were found in the one corner, and here begins my mother Tradition.


Korfitz Klaussøn Thott til Sandrup i Halland (d. 1611) and his wife, Anne Eriksdatter Basse af Sørup ( d. 1649)
Vibeke Thott (d. 1626), wife of Holger Boregesson Rosenkrantz til Orup i Skane og Frolinge i Halland ( d. 1658)
Borge Rosenkrantz til Orup, Frolinge, Sandrup og Sande (d. 1679) and his wives Maren Jensdatter Bjelke (d. 1652), Karen Galde (d. 1671) and Sophie Elisabet Bilde
Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz til Sandrup og Sande (d. 11711) and Tonne Jacobsen Huitfeldt til Thronstad, Them, etc. (d. 1677)
Henrik Jørgen Huitfeldt til Elingaard, Kjølberg and Sande (d. 1751) and Sophie Pulz (d. 1711 and Birgitte Christine Kaas (d. 1761)
[note: I am not clear on the translation here, but I believe the ownership passed to Sophie Beate Huitfeldt and the inclusion of her brothers name is to establish the hereditary trail to Anne Margrethe Brochman who received it as a wedding present after it was auctioned.]
Sophie Beate Huitfeldt (d. 1786), her brother Valentin Wilh. Hartv. Huitfeldt and husband . GeOberst Hans de Tonsberg, (d. 1770) and Ingeborg Christine v. Reichwein, wife of Valentin (d. 1815).
Helene Christine de Tonsberg (d. 1821) and Hans Jacob Pavels (d. 1804) . Her cousin Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt-Kaas (d. 1832) and Helene Bierregaard (d. 1832)
Valentin Wilhelm Hartvig Huitfeldt-Kass (d. 1881) and Anne Margrethe Brochmann (d. 1870)

It was sold at auction to a rich merchant (timber merchant, ship owner and banker) in Drobak named Niels Carlsen  and after him again of his grandfather, who immediately determined it to his daughter, who was soon to marry. The canvas has almost continually passed down to daughters, and only where these have lacked, it fell sons. It was present at the great Exhibition of older Gjenstande in Copenhagen in the autumn of 1879.

Note: the translation is unclear (to me), but, I think it might be saying that Hans Jacob Pavels sold the piece at auction. It was purchased by Niels Carlsen who gave it to a relative, Anne Margrethe Brochman, on her wedding. Anne married the great-grandson of  Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt and Birgitte Christine Kaas. which brought the auctioned piece back into the family.

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