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July 1, 2013 by Conrad Family contains the story of the family and ancestors of  Daniel and Helen Conrad. This site was first built in 2002. Some minor updates were done in the last few years, but I’ve just completed a major update that has added many stories and photos. This site will probably never be “completed”. I will add more stories and photos as I find them and as time allows.

There are two parts to the website. The Conrad Family Album contains stories and photos of 9 generations of the family that are well documented. The Conrad Family Tree attempts to go back much further, and though not all of the connections on the tree can be proved, it is interesting research. There are more stories and photos throughout the  Family Tree.

This update has been a great experience for me as I’ve learned a lot about Norwegian history and read about the lives of my ancestors. I have known some of the history of the closer generations; that my great-grandparents lived in Drobak, that my great-grandfather was an artist and a boat captain and that my great-grandmother had an interesting and noble ancestry, but my research has turned up a lot that I did not know; the amassing and loss of great fortunes, friendships (and enemies) of Kings, palace intrigues and even stories of murder and ghosts. I hope you enjoy the journey.

In order to respect the privacy of living family members, the names of anyone that is living has not been included in this site.

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