Edel Christoffersdatter Ulfeldt

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Edel Christoffersdatter Ulfeldt
15 Mar 1650- 10 Jan 1676

Daughter of Christoffer ULFELDT and Maren Ovesdatter URUP

Wife of Henrik Bjelke

Mother of Sophie Amalie Bielke

Edel’s ancestors were among some of the most prominent and noble families in Denmark. Her Grandparents were Knud Ebbesen Ulfeldt, Beate Christoffersdatter Huitfeldt, Ove Ovessen Urup and Kirsten Kaas (af Sparre). Among her ancestors were the families Banner, Friis, Linde, Skram, Saltensee, Juel, Lunge, Munk , Lovenbalk. Krabbe and Glob Due.

Her parents, Christoffer Ulfeldt and Margrethe Urup had twelve children, of whom Edel’s brother, Björn,  inherited Råbelöv when his father died  in 1653.  Like other sons of the nobility, he had a solid upbringing. After studies at the Knights Academy in Soro, he had made long trips abroad and then come into service at court. He had been a commander in Landskrona and Helsingborg and held Lysekloster in Norway fiefdom. When he died in 1656  he had only one surviving son who was ten years old, by his marriage with Margrete Brahe.

Björn’s son died unmarried seven years later and Råbelöv then went to his uncle, the renowned Ebbe Ulfeldt . Ebbe was married to Countess Hedwig of Schleswig-Holstein, the daughter of Christian IV and his second wife, Kirsten Munk. Like his relative, and brother-Corfitz Ulfeldt, who was married to Countess Leonora Christine, Ebbe was not popular with Frederik III and his wife Sophie Amalie. He was removed as overlord on Bornholm for cruelty and exploitation of the population and fled to Sweden in 1652. There he was in the same year Major General in the cavalry, and after the conclusion of peace in 1660 he made a career in the new home country and was elected councilor and judge in Östergötland.
During the Scanian War in 1675-79,   Karl XI strengthened Råbelöv with ramparts, tombs and fences to protect his army, which had winter quarters in the area. Fortifications are visible on Buhrmans drawing of the farm. snapphanar (briggands, who roamed the forest lands) during this war, were a constant scourge for the Swedish Armed Forces . In the fight against them Ebbe Ulfeldt was known for his grim methods. His specialty was impaling captured snapphanar live on stilts, as the coccyx was threaded up under the back skin and into the neck. The victim was then hanging on the gallows until he died, which at worst could take several days.

Her grandfather Ove Ovessen Urup was the owner of  Ovesholms castle


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1. Sophie Amalie BIELKE,   b. 1650, Ellinggård, Astraat, Rogaland, Norway
2. Christopher BIELKE,   b. 1654
3. Maren Sophie BIELKE,   b. 1657
4. Beate MARGRETHE,   b. 1662
5. Christian Frederik CHRISTIAN,   b. 1670

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