Berte Maria Andreasdatter Sundby

June 3, 2013 by Conrad Family

Berte Maria Andreasdatter Sundby
11 Nov 1804 – Abt. 1890

 Daughter of  Andreas Johannessen BØLSTAD and Maria BOTOLFSDATTER

Wife of  Jens Andreason

Mother of   Daniel Bolstad Conrad

Berte Maria Andreasdatter was born in 1804 at Vines, Saaner, Vestby, Akershus, Norway.  Her father was a farmer at the Bølstad farm in Hølen, Vestby Parish, Akershus, Norway.  Berte’s mother. Maria, married  Andreas Johannessen Bølstad in 1802 and had 5 children. Andreas died in 1814. Then, in  1815,  Maria married Johannes Jensen Voll Sundby.  Sundby and  Bølstad were farms  in Vestby Parish. At this period in time last names were often places where the person might have lived, either a farm or a village.  So, it appears likely that Berte lived on the Sundby farm.

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[sc:children ]

1. Josef Hjalmar JENSEN,   b. 17 Feb 1848, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus, Norway
2. Herman Rudolf JENSEN,   b. 01 Sep 1843, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus, Norway
3. Marte Amalie JENSEN,   b. 13 Jun 1836, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus, Norway
4. Charles Conrad JENSSEN,   b. 19 Mar 1841, Hvitsten, Vestby, Akershus, Norway
5. August Andrino JENSEN,   b. 27 Sep 1838, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus, Norway

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