Hans Kaas til Hastrup

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Hans Kaas til Hastrup
c. 1640 – 1700

Son of  Jorgen Kaas til Hastrup
and Karen Jorgensdtr. Grubbe

Husband of  Sophie Amalie Bielke

Father of Birgitte Christine Kaas and Helene Sophie Kaas

Hans Kaas was born in Denmark. Some records indicate he was born at Damsbo, Fyn, Danmark , others indicate he was born at Velling, Ringkobing, Denmark.  Although some records show Hans Kass’ birth as 1657, an inscription is written on a chest in his tomb “died Hans Kaas 1700, 60 years old”. So, the birth year of 1657 appears incorrect. Additionally, 1657 can not be correct, since he was Governor of Østfold from 1673 – 1687  and was married in 1673 . He died on a trip to Copenhagen in 1700.

Named after his grandfather, it is very likely that he was born before his brother, Jørgen Grubbe Kaas (born January 1643) and named after the grandfather. If the parents were married September 10 1640, it is likely that Hans was born in 1641 or 1642, and thus was not quite 60 years when he died in May 1700.

There is some discrepancy about the number of children attributed to Hans Kass and Sophie Amalie Bielke.  Their daughters,  Birgitte, wife of  Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt, and Helene, wife of Wilhelm de Tonsberg are well documented. I have included six children here, but some records show as many as 12 or 13.  A couple of children may have died young. 

The following is (loosely) translated from: http://runeberg.org/dbl/9/0061.html

Hans was the oldest son of the gallant Colonel Jørgen Kaas (mur) til Hastrup, who died in Fyn, 30 January 1658, and Karen Jørgensdatter Grubbe (d. 1695). In 1673  he was appointed to Amtmand in Smaalenenes and Frederiksstads counties, which position he held to 1687, but constituted in 1676 under Indfaldet in Sweden Generalkommissarius the Field Army and was from 1677 to 1683 Overkommissarius in Norway. In 1683, he was Justitsraad and Assessor in Overhofretten and appointed in 1687 to Stift Amtmand in Throndhjem, where his Relation to Major General Johan Vibe in længere Time was spent, indtil Count Christian Gyldenløve sit under Ophold which in 1695 produced a capable Reconciliation. His all for summary Optræden mod Throndhjems magistrate in 1691 under a scandalous Sag paadrog him a Reprimand. Foruden Fædrenegaarden Hastrup in Jutland provisional arrangement with his Wife faaet Share in Elmgaard [Elingaard] in Onsø, he Bebo, while he was Amtmand in Smaalenene but since sold and than on one eighth in Kanestrøm in North More, whereby he bought some less property idN of Throndhjem. However left he only insignificantly by his Death, where occurred during a visit in Copenhagen in the year 1700. He was 6 Dep. 1673 married to Sophie Amalie Bielke (b. 1650 d 16 June 1703), daughter af Rigsadmiral Henry B. (II, 327).

The following was translated from: http://www.tirsgaard.dk/WinFamily/Christian.web/com00002.htm

Thyregod Church dates from the 12th century built in the Romanesque style of hewn, it initially consisted of two grouped houses, chancel and nave, the original chancel arch of hewn kvadresten is preserved.

After the Reformation, it seems for many years to have been the king who owned the church with tithes, and arranging the funds for maintenance and operation. It seems that it has been common for tithes were away fastened to the noble people for a fixed fee, they would then arrange for maintenance and in return they had to keep the surplus, it could in good years to be quite lucrative.

12th November, 1687 Christian V granted a deed of Thyregod church to Hans Kaas to Hastrup. In his care was included Nerike with church tithing, there were eight Oerter annual rye (80 skp.) And 4 Oerter barley (48 skp.), Also church ground Egeskov plot being owed three Oerter annual rye. Hans Kaas might receive the church’s tithes and have glory and rights over the rectory and parish clerk housing, and he might even call the priests and sexton, however, he would seek the king’s most gracious affirmation. Studies Tax and cathedraticum would make the church continue as before, and Hans Kaas would not impair priests and clerk incomes. He had to keep the church safe, capable of tithes and other income, if he would not lose his Nerike. This was given at the royal residence in Copenhagen and signed Christian.


[sc:children ]

1. Jorgen KAAS, b. 1674, Østfold, Norway
2. Jen Jorgen KAAS, b. 1675, Østfold, Norway
3. Henrik Bielke KAAS, b. 08 Jan 1678, Ellinggård, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
4. Edel Cathrine KAAS,   b. 1679, Copenhagen, Denmark
5. Helene Sophie KAAS,   b. 02 Sep 1680, Copenhagen, Denmark
6. Birgitte Christine KAAS, b. 02 Oct 1682, Ellinggård, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway

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