Kristian Hansen ENGH

May 31, 2013 by Conrad Family

Kristian Engh

Kristian Hansen ENGH
1853 – After 1901

Son of  Kristoffer Olsen and Marie Amundsdatter

Husband of  Trine Helene Hansdatter

Father of Helen Aagot Engh

Kristian Hansen ENGH was born on  19 Jun 1853 in Engelstadeiet u. Slattum, Nannestad, Akershus, Norway. He married Trine Helene Hansdatter at the age of 25.  They were married for 23 years and had eight children when Trine Helene died in 1901. After Trine Helenes death four of the children were sent to an orphanage  in Latvik, Vestfold, Norway. Helen, the youngest went to live with her aunt, Anne Kirstine Gundersen, then, in 1905, at the age of 11, she immigrated to America with her cousin. Helen was adopted by the J. B.Moore family in South Dakota. After graduating from school she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Ebba immigrated to America in 1915 and reunited with her sister. They married brothers Daniel and Joseph Conrad in a double wedding ceremony.

Kristian remarried and died some time later in Kristiania (Oslo), Norway.

[sc:children ]

Anna Marie ENGH, b. 1878, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Harald ENGH, b. 1880, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Karl Victor ENGH,   b. 1885, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Sverre ENGH,   b. 1887, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Erling Valdemar ENGH, b. 1889, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Ebba ENGH,   b. 1893, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Lilly ENGH,   b. 1897, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway
Helen Aagot MOORE ENGH,   b. 1894, Kristiania, Ackershus, Norway


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