Jacob Jacobsen Pavels

June 17, 2013 by Conrad Family

Jacob Jacobsen Pavels
17 Apr 1740 – 25 Jan 1804

Son of Jacob Claussøn PAVELS and Brynhild Pedersdatter HIELM

Husband of Helene Christine Elisabeth DE TONSBERG

Father of  Hans Jacob Pavels


Frogn Kirke (Frogn Church)

Frogn Kirke (Frogn Church)

Jacob Pavels was born at Hielmelands rectory 17 April 1740. He was the youngest son of Jacob Claussøn Pavels, parish priest in Hjelmeland and Brynhild Pedersdatter Hielm. When his father died in 1748, he came as a lad to live with his eldest brother, Peder Pavels, the resident curate in Aas (resident in Drøbak), and became confirmed in Frogn church in the autumn 1755. As a 23 year old he became the regiment quartermaster and auditor for “Vesterlenske Regiment and in 1773 became “War councillor” and in 1775 General Auditor. He had  a general literary education. Then in 1777 he became town clerk and later official advisor in Kristiansand, with help of his distinguished mother-in-law, Colonel Hans de Tonsberg’s wife Sophie Beate HUITFELDT who sent the application to have him appointed. Five years later he got “parting in grace” from his public office and moved to Drøbak.

[sc:children ]

1. Hans Jacob PAVELS,   b. 24 Apr 1789
2. Sophie Beate PAVELS,   b. 03 Oct 1795, Drøbak, Frogn, Akershus, Norway

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