Jorgen Kaas til Hastrup

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Jorgen Kaas til Hastrup
c 1619-1658

Son of  Hans Andersen KAAS and Birgitte NORDBY

Husband of  Karen Jorgensdatter GRUBBE

Father of  Hans Kaas til Hastrup

Jørgen Kaas  til  Hastrup

and Østergård  was born born in 1618 in Østergård, Fyn, Denmark. He was a Danish Colonel, Lord of Lists County and landowner who belonged to the noble family Kaas (mur). Jørgen Kaas was from 30 December 1648 lord of Lists County in Norway, an appointment he received from the King’s son Ulrik Christian Gyldenløve on the initiative of King Christian IV.  However he never lived in Norway, and the county was administered by the governor in Nedenes.  Jørgen Kaas was Colonel and Commander of the Fyn cavalry, and made his mark as a war hero during the first Karl Gustav War when the Swedes came over the ice from Jutland to Fyn on an unusually cold day,  30 January 1658. The attack came as a surprise, and Jørgen Kaas took up the fight with some quickly summoned forces and even fell in battle. He was 39 years old. He had burned his name on his arm with gunpowder, that his body should be recognized after his death. In recognition of his heroism Swedish King Karl X Gustav to follow his equal “a quarter way” to the foot. After a few days, Fyn entirely in Karl Gustav violence and was thoroughly looted.  Jørgen Kaas was buried inside the church Egense and Bishop Laurids Jacobsen Hindsholm officiating. The remains were moved in 1811 to the churchyard.

He was the son of the country judge of Fyn, Hans Kaas and Birgitte Norby, and was married to Karen Jørgensdatter Grubbe (born in 1616 on Halsted monastery , d 1695 at Lerbæk ). She was the sister of Regitze Grubbe , wife of King Christian IV’s son Hans Ulrik Gyldenløve .  Jørgen Kaas and Karen Grubbe were  parents of Prefect of Christiania and Trondheim, Hans Kaas (1640-1700) and Governor Jorgen Grubbe Kaas to Rydbjerggård (1643-1711), grandparents of Prefect of Bergen and admiral Ulrik Kaas (1677-1746) and General Henry Bielke Kaas (1686 – 1773), as well as grandparents to admirals Frederik Christian Kaas (1727-1804) and Ulrik Christian Kaas (1729-1808). Hans Kaas was father of the poet Birgitte Christine Kaas (1682-1761) married to Lieutenant General Henry Jørgen Huitfeld to Elingård , and among their descendants are national archivist Henrik Jørgen Huitfeld-Kaas.

 Jørgen Kaas is the ancestor of the contemporary Danish branch of the family Kaas (but not for the Norwegian branch Munthe-Kaas). He was also the father of Vivien (“Birthe”) Kaas (born 1644), mother of Elisabeth Sophie Høeg (1669-1739) marriedClaus, who has many descendants in Norway through his grandson Mads Lind Nissen (1756-1827) (as bl . A. heraldikeren Harald Claus originated from) and granddaughter Andrea Jaspara Nissen (1725-1772) married to Judge Hans Paus (1721-1774). Elisabeth Sophie Høeg was also the mother of the deputy governor of St. Croix Gregers Høeg Nissen (1709-1773).

Jørgen Kaas was also the great-great-great-grandfather of Louise Danneskiold -Samsøe (1796-1867), wife of Duke Christian August of August Borg , a member of the house Oldenburg and the king’s brother. She was the grandmother of Empress Augusta ; among her descendants are also King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden , King Constantine II of Greece , Queen Sofia of Spain , the current head of the house Glücksburg and house Oldenburg Christoph of Schleswig-Holstein, the current head of the house Hannover Ernst August V of Hanover and the current head of the house Hohenzollern Georg Friedrich of Prussia .


[sc:children ]

1. Hans Jorgensen Kaas til HASTRUP,   b. 1657, Velling, Ringkobing, Denmark
2. Jorgen Grubbe KAAS,   b. 22 Jan 1643
3. Ulrik KAAS,   b. Between 1640 and 1658

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