Karen Jorgensdatter Grubbe

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Karen Jorgensdatter Grubbe
19 Jan 1616 –  23 Mar 1695

Daughter of  Jorgen GRUBBE and Lene Knudsdatter RUD

Wife of  Jørgen KAAS

Mother of  Hans Jorgensen Kaas til Hastrup

Karen Jorgensdatter Grubbe was born in Halsted Kloster, Næstved, Denmark. The Grubbe family was widespread and powerful and among the oldest and most noble families in Denmark. The Grubbes coat-of-arms originated in the 13th century.



Karen was the granddaughter of Eiler Grubbe who took over the post of Treasurer in 1560  and was appointed 10 years later as Realm Chancellor, which office he held with honor and skill to his death. He holds various lucrative vasalries and kanonikater. In  1579 he rebuilt his ancestral farm Lystrup

 in Renaissance style.

Her father’s half-brother was Sivert Grubbe, famous during the reign of Christian IV, of whom he was a close friend. He accompanied him on one of his voyages to Norway and wrote a diary with important information concerning the King. Her sister, Regitze, was married to  Hans Ulrik Gyldenløve son of King Christian IV.

Karen was a distant cousin of Marie Grubbe. Marie was married to Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, the son of King Frederick III of Denmark. Marie was divorced and married another two times. The life and loves of Marie Grubbe have inspired several books, an opera, a play and a TV mini-series. Hans Christian Andersen wrote about her in his story Chicken Greta’s Family.

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1. Hans Jorgensen Kaas til HASTRUP,   b. 1657, Velling, Ringkobing, Denmark
2. Jorgen Grubbe KAAS,   b. 22 Jan 1643
3. Ulrik KAAS,   b. Between 1640 and 1658


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