Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt

June 18, 2013 by Conrad Family

Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt
09 Sep 1674 – 16 May 1751

Son of Tønne Jakobssøn Huitfeldt
and Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz

Husband of  Birgitte Christine Kaas

Father of  Sophie Beate Huitfeldt

At Elingård hangs this portrait of Lt. General Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt. Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt was born at Fredriksten fortress in 1674. He was the son of Brigadier Colonel Tonne Huitfeldt and Sofie Amalie Rosenkrantz. His brother, the famous commander Iver Huitfeldt, was slain on the ship Dannebrog in a nava l action against the Swedes at Koge bay in 1710. In 1707, Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt wed Sofie Pulz. She died in 1711. Through the marriage with Sofie Pulz , Huitfeldt became the owner of both Elingard and Kjolberg. He also owned the farm, Sande in Tune. Huitfeldt’s second wife was Birgitte Christine Kaas. This marriage was in 1713, a short time after Huitfeldt had became lieutenant colonel in the infantry. Already in 1691, he advanced from corporal in Bielke’s infantry regiment to lieutenant commander in Western Jarlslfergske company under Smalenske national infantry regiment. When he was a Lt. he was among others in the French service, and was seriously wounded in a battle at Barcelona in Spain in 1697. There were troops under the leadership of Huitfeldt that captured Moss on April 24, 1716 after General Merner had occupied the town some days.

A fundamental feature in his succeeding military career, can be mentioned that in the reorganization of the army in 1718 Huitfeldt became a Lieutenant Colonel for Smalenske national infantry regiment and head of 2nd Onsoyske company until 1730. He was a Brigadier Colonel, then in 1727 became head for the 1st SmaleJiske national infantry regiment, a position he held until his death at Elingaard, 16 May 1751. His last company was in the years 1731-1751. Huitfeldt’s military grades after 1727 were: Brigadier in 1730, Major General in 1734 and finally Lt. General in 1746.

Lt. general Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt had three nobility mountain farms. There was Elingard, Kjolberg and Sanne (Sande). His business idea was to keep them as tax-exempt mountain farms. Simultaneously he held the farms in good condition and was active in developing sawmill operations near Sanne.

Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt’s 1st wife died at merely 21 years old, and his second wife was Birgitte Christine Kaas.

[sc:children ]

1. Sophie Beate HUITFELDT,   b. 10 Jan 1724, Ellinggård, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
2. Valentin W.H. HUITFELDT,   b. 30 Apr 1719, Ellinggård, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
3. Hans Henrik HUITFELDT,   b. 1714, Ellinggård, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
4. Christopher Christian HUITFELDT,   b. 27 Sep 1720, Ellinggård, Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway

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