Mountain Lake by Dan B. Conrad

Painting by Dan B. Conrad

Welcome to the Conrad Family Album. Daniel and Helen Conrad, both immigrated to the United States from Norway.  Daniel, traveled all over the United States painting landscapes for the Louis F. Dow Company. He also painted murals, both of American scenes and Norwegian scenes.   There were several artists in the family, so, in addition to the family photographs I’ve included some of their work artwork here.

Some of my cousins have done extensive genealogical research on the family, I have expanded on their research and included our Family Tree elsewhere on this site. The generations I have included here in the Family Album are well documented.  In the Family Tree, not all the relations going back beyond the 1600s have been confirmed, but, I hope you enjoy the journey!

If you are know or are related to this family line we would appreciate your questions and comments. We would love to add more stories, photos and information on each of these family members.

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Generation One
My Grandparents

Generation Two
My Great-Grandparents


Generation Three
My Great-Great-Grandparents


Generation Four
My 3x Great-Grandparents


Generation Five
My 4x Great-Grandparents


Generation Six
My 5x Great-Grandparents


Generation Seven
My 6x Great-Grandparents

Generation Eight
My 7x Great-Grandparents


Generation Nine
My 8x Great-Grandparents


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