Tonne Huitfeldt

June 21, 2013 by Conrad Family

Tønne Jakobssøn HUITFELDT

Son of  Henrik Jorgen HUITFELDT
and  Sophie Amalie VONPULTZ

Husband of  Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz

Father of  Henrik Jorgen Huitfeldt

Brigadier colonel Tonne Huitfeldt was the first commandant at Fredriksten fortress and made an outstanding contribution in the war against the Swedes in 1657-1660. He used each and every reason to build forts . In the future he gathered fame for his defense of Halden. Huitfeldt was well known in the district, for when he was young he had lived with his mother’s brother (uncle) Sigvard Gabrielson at Verne monastery. In 1662 he married Helle Margrete Nold, from Maglo in Skane. They had seven children, and she died at Fredriksten fortress in 1671.

Two years later, Tonne Huitfeldt married Sophia Amalie Rosenkrantz. They had three sons. Lt. General Jorgen Huitfeldt was the oldest. He inherited much of the estate from Jens and Henrik Bielke through his mom and her two husbands. In that way, he also took over Elingard.

The Elingaard Manor Museum, in Frederikstad, encompasses castle fortifications and a moat that date back to the 17th Century. When Elingaard burned in 1746, it was Henrik Jørgen Huitfeldt and Birgithe Christine Kaas who owned the mansion. In 1749 the family moved into a new and stately homes. The estate itself, is one of the oldest heriditary manors in the county and dates back to the 12th century or earlier.

Tonne Huitfeldt started a new family dynasty at Tomb, Råde, Østfold that would last 175 years. Tonne took over Tomb at a mature age. Before he married Sophia Amalie Rosenkrantz in 1673, he had purchased Tomb from Werner Parsberg of Norlund. He saw to it that Sophie Amalie got much of its inheritance in this purchase.

Tonne died at Fredriksten fortress in 1677, and Sophia Amalie considered Tomb as her own property. But one third of the purchase price was not yet paid. Therefore she did not have the deed to the farm. Tonne Huitfeldt’s daughter, Margrete, from his first marriage and her fiance, Hans Ernst Tritzchler, made a move. They resolved the remaining purchase amount and thus became owners of Tomb. Tonne & Sophie Amalie are said to be the ‘founders’ of the Norwegian branch of the Huitfeldts.

[sc:children ]

1. Hartvig Tønnesen HUITFELDT,   b. 12 Jul 1677
2. Henrik Jorgen HUITFELDT,   b. 09 Sep 1674, Fredriksten, Denmark

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