Jens Andreason

June 2, 2013 by Conrad Family

Jens Andreason
born 1801 in Hvidsten, Norway

Son of Andreas Jensen & Anne Catrine Rasmusdatter

Father of Charles Conrad Jenssen

Jens Andreason was born in 1801 in Hvidsten, Norway. He was a ship’s captain and died at Sea when his children were young.

I have not discovered much more on this line of the family. If anyone has more information please contact me.

[sc:children ]

1. Josef Hjalmar JENSEN,   b. 17 Feb 1848, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus
2. Herman Rudolf JENSEN,   b. 01 Sep 1843, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus
3. Marte Amalie JENSEN,   b. 13 Jun 1836, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus
4. Charles Conrad JENSSEN,   b. 19 Mar 1841, Hvitsten, Vestby, Akershus, Norwayay
5. August Andrino JENSEN,   b. 27 Sep 1838, Hestevigen, Vestby, Akershus

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