Seline Samueline Bryn

June 17, 2013 by Conrad Family

Seline Samueline Bryn
09 Jun 1792 – 23 Feb 1880

Daughter of  Jacob Bryn and Marie Samuelsdatter

Wife of Hans Jacob Pavels

Mother of  Amalie Tonsberg Pavels

(from a newspaper article in Drobak)

House of Samueline

Painting of house of Seline Samueline and Hans Jacob Pavels

Seimbakken was the old main road in and out of Drobak, but was changed in 1881. There was not a lot of buildings at the time, but we have here  an oil painting painted by Valborg Pavels Jenssen, Charles Jenssen’s wife, as the only house at the bottom of the hill.

It was her grandparents, Hans Jacob Pavels and his wife Seline Samueline f.  Bryn, who owned this house. Hans Jacob was the son of  Etatsrad Jacob  Pavels and Helene de Tonsberg, Jacob Pavels stood for confirmation in the Frogn Church in 1755. Hans Jacobs daughter Henriette Christine Pavels married samlagsbestyrer Fredrik Ferdinand Jorgensen, they took over the house and lived there for many years. They sold it later to o.r.sakforer Gundersen.

Pavels-Bryn house in Drobak

Pavels-Bryn house in Drobak today

Seline Samueline Pavel’s got some walnuts from a sailor that she planted  in the 1800s, and it was a very well known, great tree in Drobak, how many throughout the area have picked nuts on the ground. The tree fell in 1956.

The house was converted into Swiss still around. 1900, but had previously looked like the painting. One of the original windows can be seen in the backyard.
The author Bjorn Bjornsen  lived here for many years.

[sc:children ]

1. Amalie Pavels TONSBERG,   b. 03 Aug 1827, Drøbak, Frogn, Akershus, Norge
2. Maren Anette PAVELS,   b. 1819
3. Hansine Samueline PAVELS,   b. 1825
4. Sophia Ericha PAVELS,   b. 1821
5. Jacobine Mariane PAVELS,   b. 1816
6. Samuel Søren PAVELS
7. Henriette Christine PAVELS
8. Elisabeth Christine PAVELS
9. Hans Jacob PAVELS
10. Fredrik Mathias PAVELS


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