Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz

June 21, 2013 by Conrad Family

Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz
07 Jan 1649 – 18 Mar 1711

Daughter of Børge Holgersen til Ørup ROSENKRANTZ
and Maren BIELKE

Wife of Tønne Jakobssøn HUITFELDT

Mother of Henrik Jorgen HUITFELDT

The Rosenkrantz name, made famous by Shakespeare in Hamlet along with the Gyldenstierne family (Rosencrantz & Gilderstern), originated in Jutland in Denmark. It originates with a man called Iver and of whom nothing else is known. He had a son Niels Iversen, who died before 1355 and married Susanne Nielsdatter (Gyldenstierne). Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz was his 8th great-granddaughter.

The Sande (Sanne) estate, where Jens Bjelke lived by Elin Farm fire in 1646, was acquired by Johan Frederick von Marschalck (husband of Sophies’s Aunt Margaret) in 1677 by brother in law, Colonel von Gersdorff (husband of Sophies’s Aunt Elisabeth). The goods were two saws, and von Marschalck exported some lumber. His widow owned the farm until his death, and it was sold in 1701 to her cousin Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz. The houses at Sande (Sanne) in Vestfold, Norway, was large. The main building had four chimneys with a heating oven and fireplace in each. One wing had a chimney for the laundry room and bake oven. After Marschalck’s death in 1679 the widow kept Sande with supporting estate until she died in 1698.

 She was married to Tønne HUITFELDT who owned Tronstad, Elingård and Tomb. Sophie died in 1711, an d her son, Henrik Jørgen HUITFELDT took over the estate. After his death, Sande was out of the Bielke family.

[sc:children ]

1. Hartvig Tønnesen HUITFELDT,   b. 12 Jul 1677
2. Henrik Jorgen HUITFELDT,   b. 09 Sep 1674, Fredriksten, Denmark

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