My Conrad Family Tree

The Family of Helen and Dan Conrad


 Description   Quantity 
Total Individuals 2,170  
Total Males 1,252 (57.7%)  
Total Females 918 (42.3%)  
Total Unknown Gender 0 (0%)  
Total Living 18  
Total Families 1,189  
Total Unique Surnames 828  
Total Photos 111  
Total Documents 1  
Total Headstones 0  
Total Histories 0  
Total Recordings 0  
Total Videos 0  
Total Sources 18  
Average Lifespan1 57 years, 100 days  
Earliest Birth (Aviragus (Gwenivyth) King OF SILURIA Abt 10  

 Longest Lived1   Age 
Coilus (Coel) "Old KING COEL" NOTABLE 110 years  
Jørgen Nielsen FLADMARK 103 years  
Sigurd Ranvarsson OF DENMARK 102 years  
Marit Gudmunsdotter FOSEN 95 years  
Johanne Andersdatter til Asdal PANTER 94 years  
Jens Nielsen LØVENBALK 94 years  
Guri Amundsdatter SKIRI 93 years  
Anna (Anne) Catharina MECHLENBURG 92 years 254 days  
Knut LOVRA 91 years  
Else Holgersdatter KROGNOS 91 years  

1 Age-related calculations are based on individuals with recorded birth and death dates. Due to the existence of incomplete date fields(e.g., a death date listed only as "1945" or "BEF 1860"), these calculations cannot be 100% accurate.

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