My Conrad Family Tree

The Family of Helen and Dan Conrad

Daniel Bolstad Jennsen Conrad 1888-1946

My Grandfather, Daniel Bolstad Jenssen, was born into a family of artists in Norway and began painting at a young age. He immigrated to the United States in 1907, at the age of 19, with two of his brothers. Dan and his brother Joseph both changed their last names to Conrad, his father's middle name, after immigrating. Dan thought this would give him a more unique name, as an artist. Read more of his story here: Dan B. Conrad or click his photo above to view his family tree.


This website is a look at the Norwegian side of my family and the ancestors of Helen Aagot Engh and Daniel Bolstad Conrad. Daniel was born Daniel Bolstad Jenssen, son of Charles Conrad Jenssen and Valborg Arnesdatter Larsen.

Years ago, a cousin of mine in Norway did research on our family genealogy. It was fascinating, with 35 generations reaching back to 850 a.d. But it wasn't until recent years that I was able, with the help of the internet, to do much research on the names in that chart.

Now, that original chart with less than 100 names on it has grown to a tree of more than 2,000 names. I've been in touch with cousins I never knew and learned a lot of Scandinavian history. It's a fabulous journey. I wanted to share what I was doing with the rest of the family, so a website was the answer.

My cousin, Gary (we call him the family historian), has been a tremendous help and resource. He has provided a lot of information and photos. I started working on the this chart as a personal hobby, and now that I'm sharing it with family, I want to go back and add a lot that's missing. I still have a lot to add.

My research isn't perfect. I've learned that there is really no way to prove many links to the ancient generations. I've also learned that a lot of what I find on the internet is conflicting and/or speculation, but, I've dug as deep as I could to try to determine what is fact and what is possible. No doubt some of this is speculation, but fascinating nonetheless. I hope you enjoy the journey!

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Helen Aagot Engh (Moore) 1894-1975

My Grandmother immigrated to America in 1906 at eleven years old after the death of her mother. Adopted and raised by the Moore family in South Dakota, she received an education and later moved to Minneapolis, MN, where she met her husband. Dan and Helen homesteaded in the Montana wilderness, but later, Helen and the children accompanied her husband as he travelled across the U.S. for his artwork. Read her story here: Helen Aagot Engh (Moore) or click her photo above to view his family tree.